Frequently Asked Questions

I have so many of your glass jars. Can you recycle them or reuse them?

Yes! We can sanitize jars in a machine at the commercial kitchen in order to reuse the jars. You can also keep them and use as flower vases or add a sprayer nozzle to it and use a house cleaner, room refresher, bug spray, etc. 


I’ve heard I should use Elderberry Syrup, but I’m not sure why.

You heard right! Elderberry is best known as a superfood, power antioxidant, & immune support tool that’s been used for centuries. It is a powerhouse immune support tool for the entire family that can be used for daily & therapeutic use.  


What’s in “Natalie’s Elderberries” products?

Our products are handcrafted in small batches to ensure utmost quality & purity. We use premium USDA certified organic herbs. Our blend of Elderberry Syrup includes organic elderberries, organic ceylon cinnamon, organic cloves, organic ginger, filtered water, & raw honey. Only the best for our family & for yours!


What isn’t in “Natalie’s Elderberries” products?

Preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, alcohol, fructose, or any other artificial sweetener or ingredient. Our products are also free of dairy, soy, gluten, & nuts, although they are manufactured in facility with these items.


What’s the suggested serving?

For general wellness, the recommended serving size is 1tbsp for adults and 1tsp for children daily. For acute immune support, the recommendation is taking a serving size every every 2-3 hours for up to a week.  Note: Children under 1 should not consume the ready made syrup, as it contains honey.


How should I take Elderberry Syrup?

Many customers have shared they love pouring it in a small cup or spoon and drinking it straight. Others add it to smoothies, sparkling water, tea, kombucha, etc. While it’s delicious, we don’t recommend drinking directly from the bottle in order to preserve its shelf life.


How & where are “Natalie’s Elderberries” products made?

All products are made by Natalie! That’s right, yours truly personally handcrafts each product in small batches to ensure purity, consistency, & safety for you & your family. We are fully licensed, permitted as a food manufacturer through the Department of Agriculture, ServSafe certified, & closely follow FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices. All products are made in a licensed commercial kitchen, cooked in stainless steel, & stored in glass. 


What’s the different in price & ingredients for “Natalie’s Elderberries” products vs major store brands?

We’re proud to highlight 3 key areas that separate “Natalie’s Elderberries” Elderberry Syrup: Purity. Proprietary blend of immune supporting herbs. Price. 

  • Natalie’s Elderberries: Blend of 100% USDA certified organic herbs. Raw Honey. Free of preservatives, dyes, synthetics, added sugar, alcohol, and any other artificial ingredient. $1.42/fl oz
  • Nature’s Way Sambucus: Fructose. Natural flavors. Malic acid. No use of supportive herbs. $3-$4/fl oz
  • Gaia Herbs: Cane sugar. Fruit juice concentrate. No use of supportive herbs. $4-$6/fl oz 
  • Sambucol: Glucose syrup. Potassium sorbate. No use of supportive herbs. $2-$3/fl oz

What’s the consistency like? Is it a thick syrup or more like a juice?

While the name “syrup” sounds like a thick, ooey gooey substance, the consistency is more like a juice! We’re proud to say that unlike most store brands, our recipe includes zero thickeners, zero added sugar, & zero artificial ingredients that are known to thicken it. 

Should this just be taken when sick, or also as a preventative?

They say, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Whoever “they are” is definitely on to something. Although many of our customers/friends say it’s been a tremendous wellness tool in their arsenal, we don’t claim Elderberry Syrup to be a miracle worker for everyone. It has, however, been scientifically proven to help lessen both the frequency & duration of certain illnesses. That in mind, our family chooses to take it daily for prevention. We increase the frequency (every 2-3hours for a few days in a row) if we’re feeling run down, sick, traveling, knowingly around others who are sick, or if we just feel our immune system needs an extra kick!  

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