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Referred to as “the plant of God that heals everything it touches” by Hippocrates, Elderberry Syrup is an ancient old remedy used to support the immune system. 

Natalie’s Elderberry Syrup is a proprietary blend of organic herbs, hand-crafted in small batches to ensure utmost purity. If you’re seeking an all-natural option to support your immune system, respiratory, digestion, & cardiovascular wellness, you’ve come to the right place! We cook with only the finest organic, high quality herbs. You won’t find artificial flavors or colors, synthetics, preservatives, added sugar, or any other toxic ingredients here! 


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Natalie’s Elderberries was born out of a passion to help families assess natural, holistic resources for health and wellness!

Family owned & operated. Commited to quality, purity, & excellence. Designed with your family in mind.

Testimonials / Reviews

My son, who had a horrible immune system, has not gotten sick since October. He was getting sick at least a couple times a month. He absolutely gobbles that stuff down and always goes to get it out of the fridge then hands it to me everyday because it tastes so good!


I have been ordering Elderberry Syrup from Natalie for the past 2 school years! We use this and colloidal silver spray when any of us start feeling like illness is around the corner. For the past 2 school years, my 3 boys have no missed a day due to sickness. We don’t get the flu shot as a family. I’m just saying that we are a big proponent of Natalie’s Elderberry Syrup. If you haven’t tried it yet, go for it!


I had 2 family members with Covid-19 (sister & nephew) that have fully recovered. I gave my mom and dad a bottle of your Elderberry Syrup and kept 1 for myself to stay healthy because we were all together and exposed. We’ve stayed healthy & tested negative for the virus. THANK YOU.


Love this stuff!!!! ❤️ You are amazing!


Yes we love Natalie’s Elderberries!! Knock on wood we have stayed healthy as well this year!! So thankful!!


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